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Right dear and right entirely well-beloved, I greet you heartily well!

If you are interested in medieval history, you’ve come to the right place.

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Medieval manuscript


This blog is all about medieval history, a place where I’ll be sharing articles about fascinating stories from the Middle Ages.  Ask two historians to define the Middle Ages and you’d probably get two different answers.  So, for the sake of drawing some lines in the sand, I’ll be focusing on the period from 476 (the fall of the Roman Empire) up until 1487 (the end of the Wars of the Roses).

Read all about the key people, places and events that have shaped our past here.

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You’ll find articles on pretty much anything from the medieval period on this site.  I’m always open to new ideas, so if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you.  I doubt if I’ll be able to accommodate every suggestion, but I’ll certainly take them into account.

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About me

I have an avid interest in history and would call myself a ‘keen amateur historian’. I studied history academically with the Open University and for most of my life I have studied history mainly for fun.  If you contribute to the History forum called ‘Historum’ you may have come across me posting as SilasMarner.


Featured Stories

Portrait of Margaret of Anjou

Young Margaret of Anjou

On 30th May 1445, a 15-year-old French girl was crowned Queen of England.  Her French name (Margueritte) literally meant ‘daisy’, a flower she took as her personal emblem.  By her parents and siblings, she was referred to affectionately as La Petite Creature (the little creature).   Her English subjects would know her as Queen Margaret of Anjou.  However, history (thanks to Shakespeare) would remember her as the She Wolf of France.

But who was this 15-year-old girl the English chose to crown in the spring of 1445?

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Green Man

The Green Man

If you take a good look around a medieval church today, you’ll see a variety of different images.  You might even see images which, if you pause to think about it, appear to have little to do with our modern understanding of Christianity.  And, in more than a few English churches, you’ll spy a curious image of a man’s face, covered in foliage.  You’d probably recognise this image as the ‘Green Man’.

But what are those images doing there?  And what does this Green Man have to do with Christianity?

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Illustration from The Canterbury Tales

Travel in Medieval England

When we think of how people travelled in medieval England, images of nobles in coaches, knights on horseback or perhaps pilgrims on the road to Canterbury might spring to mind. 

But what was it really like to travel in medieval England?

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Follow our journey through the Middle Ages

I publish two articles a month. Check back and never miss a post from this blog.

Future articles to look out for:

  • An ongoing series of articles covering the history of the Plantagenets during the late Middle Ages, from the death of Edward III through to the dawn of the Tudor Age.  You can read the first article in this series here
    • We also feature articles covering folklore, myths, and legends from the medieval period.  Past articles include a series on Robin Hood and features on King Arthur and the origins of Halloween.